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Frequently Asked Questions About Anderson Teak Products

We know our customers appreciate quality, which is why we source only the finest materials to make our products.

The Anderson teak collections offer a variety of the highest quality furniture. With the many choices offered at your fingertips, the possibilities for finding the perfect outdoor furniture are endless.

Below are frequently asked questions about Anderson teak products.

Anderson teak furniture is made from harvested teak wood. Teak is a large deciduous, tropical hardwood tree, which is a part of the Lamiaceae family.

Categories that can be found in our teak collection include Anderson teak bench for all spaces, Anderson teak dining set for outdoors, and Anderson teak tables.

Anderson teak wood furniture is made by expert craftsmen at the company's own teak plantations on Java Island in Indonesia.

The manufacturing process is controlled from the beginning of garnering the materials to the kiln drying process to the end of production. This close control ensures the highest quality furniture.

Fine wooden furniture is made from hardwood rather than softwood. Teak wood was once mainly used on luxury yachts and extravagant estates. Now, it's a premier choice for designers of furniture, upscale homes, offices, and hotels.

Our Anderson teak furniture, expertly crafted at the company's own teak plantations in Java Island, Indonesia, is top-quality.

We use this fine wood to make teak outdoor furniture that rivals other garden furnishings because of its naturally beautiful appearance. All Anderson teak top-rated products look and feel amazing.

Teak wood is known for its durability. The trees' life span is about 100 years, making them one of the toughest woods used to make furniture.

It has a high silica and natural oil content that makes it water-resistant and less prone to decay. Water resilience makes it the ideal material for outdoor furniture.

Anderson teak furniture, such as the Anderson teak table or the Anderson teak bench, are perfect patio or garden furnishings. These expertly crafted fixtures will brave any outdoor element to last a long time.

There are different quality grades of teak wood. The ranking determines the durability and outdoor performance of the furniture.

If you've ever seen teak patio tables or other outdoor furniture that quickly succumbs to damage, chances are it's not grade-A Anderson genuine teak wood. Anderson teak furniture manufacturer is committed to producing high-quality products from the best material.

The company ensures that products are made by expert craftsmen, with top-grade teak wood pieces that look and feel amazing. Net retailers received genuine teak wood products. There are features of teak wood that can be assessed to find out the quality and authenticity of Anderson teak furniture.

  • Color: The various species of teak differ in color. However, the top-quality wood is golden brown.
  • Grain: This type of wood has a straight, long grain. The cheaper type has larger knots.
  • Weight: Genuine teak is heavy and hard. It will present a tough surface that won't crack or break.
  • Scent: The high natural oil content of teak, which makes it resistant to bacteria, pests, and water, has a recognizable smell like leather. The more potent the scent, the higher the quality of the wood.
  • A water test: Teak is water-resistant. If you put water on grade-A quality teak, the water droplets should settle on the surface and not soak in.

Our company is an authorized dealer. View our page of sale items to find Anderson genuine teak furniture.