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Five ways to relax with patio swings:


1. Patio swings add a casual touch and decorative element to any patio or deck. As patio swings come in many styles, sizes, and designs, there is something for every setting.

2. When choosing a patio swing for your porch, deck, or patio, take into consideration the space that the patio swing will occupy. Covered porches usually have the capabilities to hang a porch swing directly from the support beams. Patios and decks that don't have overhead support are ideal for a patio swing and stand set.

3. Wood is a basic standard for patio swing construction. Cedar is popular for its all weather durability and attractive look. Other woods include Brazilian Cherry, Southern Poplar, Oak, Cypress, Shorea and Yellow Pine.




4. With options such as stands and finishes, patio swings also come in a wide variety of styles. Some designs feature traditional craftsmanship with simple yet classic styles of swings. Other offerings include Adirondack seat back styles, painted finish, rustic log designs, and even decorative carved elements.

5. From casual conversations to romantic interludes, patio swings provide a sense of comfortable living that everyone can enjoy. So grab a glass of iced tea, bring a book or a friend, and take back your lazy Sunday with a patio swing.

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