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FAQs about Patio Umbrellas

Many homeowners want to decorate the outdoor space and make it seem more welcoming and comfortable. Whether you're searching for market umbrellas to wow the crowd or need something that matches your current decor, we can help.

We realize that you may have questions about our large outdoor patio umbrellas, and we are here to serve you. Therefore, please continue reading our list of FAQs to get more information. If these don't help, please contact us at (866) 859-4880 to get assistance.

Many homeowners like the idea of large outdoor umbrellas. Patio umbrellas offer protection from the elements, including rain, wind, and sun. While providing overhead comfort, the umbrella also makes your outdoor space more tranquil and relaxing.

Outdoor umbrellas can also add a decorative style to your patio living set because ours come in various finishes, patterns, styles, and colors. The Bench Store offers a wide selection of market umbrella choices to meet everyone's outdoor living needs and preferences.

When you need outdoor umbrellas, the California brand has just about everything you need. The California backyard patio umbrellas come in different sizes and colors to match almost any decor. It's our best seller.

Are the California umbrella 9-ft patio umbrellas something you might consider for your outdoor space? Here are a few of the features to consider:

  • Sunbrella fabric
  • Large canopy (various sizes)
  • Commercial grade
  • Deluxe push lift system
  • Reinforced rib joints
  • Durable two-piece pole (aluminum)
  • Fiberglass ribs

We do have many parts available for the California patio umbrella. You can find bases that fit, new covers, and much more. Enjoy the outdoors in style with this best-seller.

A market umbrella is an upright umbrella that features a straight pole in the center. They're often used as standalone shade solutions or with dining tables. Likewise, the market umbrella often features a tilting mechanism at the top, but the standard shape is symmetrical and straight.

utdoor umbrellas often feature frames made of metal, fiberglass, or wood. We think that metal and fiberglass are highly durable, though wood might create a classic and organic style.

Fiberglass umbrellas are lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting. Plus, they generally offer more versatility and options for tilting, closing/opening mechanisms, and finishes.

ou can find just about any patio umbrella you want on our website, and it's easy to benefit from the sale. Stay cool and block some of the wind and rain when you want to be outdoors!

Yes! When you purchase a patio umbrella, you get to choose the protective cover (if you want one). This will protect it from rain and sun, and it works on the California 9-foot umbrella.

The cover is lightweight and easy to take on and off. Plus, it's thick and is water- and fade-resistant. Moisture won't go through the patio umbrella and into the fabric.

Likewise, the polyester material is breathable, so the patio umbrella won't develop mildew or mold. There's also a locking drawcord system to cinch the cover completely.

All of our outdoor umbrellas are commercial grade, so you can use them in any setting to create shade from the sun and stay cool in the summer.

If you own a restaurant, these outdoor umbrellas are perfect and designed specifically for added protection.

When choosing the right material for your patio umbrella, there are many factors to consider. All of our umbrellas are made with durability and quality in mind. However, different fabrics and grades are suitable for specific uses and climates.

Generally, Sunbrella fabric is the industry leader in materials for style and performance. They're highly popular because they are fade-proof, offer sun protection by blocking harmful UV rays, and are resistant to rain, water, mold, wind, and mildew. Regardless of what you choose, it will be ideal and perfect for your space.

We recommend looking at the sale items first and then considering what's on the patio. Look for umbrellas that will go well with what you already own to ensure a cohesive style. Alternatively, you can choose a bold color not found on your property yet to add pizzazz and a little something extra.

There are countless benefits of adding a patio umbrella to your outdoor space. These include:

  • UV Ray Protection - A patio umbrella can help you stay healthy. They're made of durable and thick materials to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Excessive exposure to the sun and its UV rays might lead to skin cancer and other problems. Adding a patio umbrella to your backyard minimizes that risk to help you stay outside for longer periods.
  • More Privacy - Installing a patio umbrella will give you more privacy while outside. Block out the world and enjoy your space. Some umbrellas rotate or tilt, allowing you to change them as needed to keep neighbors at bay.
  • Shade for Everyone - Hot days mean taking breaks from the heat. Most homeowners take their pets inside, but everyone can be out a little longer with a patio umbrella. It can create shade that feels 10 degrees cooler than in direct sunlight.
  • Protect Outdoor Furniture - Homeowners often forget to cover the patio furniture or move it during rainstorms. Though they're designed for the outdoors, they're still susceptible to sun and water damage. A patio umbrella can protect your furniture, as well.
  • Coordinated Style - Often, patios are too wide to feel cozy or cohesive. Even with a fire pit, dining set, and lounge chairs, it will seem like you're lacking something. A patio umbrella ties everything together and creates a more appealing feeling.
  • Relax in Style - You'll have plenty of shade while enjoying the patio in summer. Check out our amazing sale to experience the classic style and quality that our products offer.