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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at The Bench Store, we're committed to giving you the perfect bench set for your outdoor activities! Whether you want to have a picnic or just a great conversation with your friends and family, all our benches and tables are of the highest quality, ensuring they stick with you for a long time.

If you have any more doubts surrounding our picnic tables/benches, make sure to keep reading this section! You may find the answer you're looking for here.

We offer tables of different sizes and shapes. Two of the most popular products in our "Picnic Bench Set" collection are the tables with detached benches and the ones with attached ones.

A combo bench-picnic table will ensure you get everything you need to set up that new space in your deck, yard, or another place.

Some of our products are made from recycled plastic but resemble that wood look everyone loves, so if you're looking for a plastic picnic bench that fits your "wood" aesthetic, feel free to browse our options.

Besides our plastic picnic benches, we also have sets with different seat options. Some people prefer having backed seats, for example. In that case, our picnic table bench with back seating will be the best option.

Regardless of which option you decide to use, rest assured that each of them is durable and will add plenty of style to your outdoor area!

Our picnic tables with detached benches (and all our other products) are made from the highest-quality materials. Moreover, since we use recycled plastic for some of our tables, we're taking an environmentally friendlier approach to our collection.

Moreover, several of our picnic tables with detached/attached benches are ADA-compliant, meaning you can easily fit in a wheelchair. Even so, all of our picnic tables have easy access, regardless of which one you get.

If plastic picnic tables aren't the ones for you, we also offer "Yellow Pine" tables. Feel free to choose any option that fits your needs and budget.

Finally, we have a wide selection of shapes you can get for your plastic/wooden picnic table. If you want a round picnic table with benches, for example, you got it!

It mostly depends on what you want or need. In any case, you must look for a picnic table that has the right shape and dimensions so that everyone is comfortable while sitting.

Those who get a picnic bench/dining table set can go for either a round, square,or rectangular shape for the table, as those are more popular.

As for the benches, we believe that detached benches are more comfortable than attached benches, as they give you more freedom to move them around.

However, if you're setting your bench set in an open space and don't mind having fixed benches, then you'll have a wider range of products to choose from.

Absolutely! If you buy any of our tables/benches made from wood, you can rest assured they'll last for a long time with little maintenance.

On the other hand, if you buy our tables made of recycled plastic, you could guarantee a much longer lifespan with little to no maintenance.

Still, if you want added protection, you can have it. Our A&L Yellow Pine table with detached and backed benches, for example, comes with an optional (and free) 2" umbrella hole. A picnic bench with an umbrella can protect your table from getting exposed to the sun, rain, or other weather conditions.

There are many picnic table options in our collection, especially for those looking for detached benches in their set. Moreover, each product page has accurate and detailed descriptions of the set, so you won't have to worry about measuring them.

Overall, there are a lot of picnic table alternatives on the market suitable for kids and adults, so why would you go specifically for ones with detached benches? The short answer is comfort.

A plastic/wood picnic table with detached benches will allow you to be more creative with your space usage. If you're getting a table for a small space, then you can simply store the seats somewhere else while you're not using them.

On the other hand, since you can move the seats around, you can accommodate the space to fit a wheelchair or something else. You can't do that with a table with attached benches unless they're ADA-compliant.

Now, having detached benches for your table isn't always good. The primary benefit of a picnic table with an attached bench is that you don't have to worry about losing pieces. Since it's a single unit, you either move it all around, or you may have to disassemble it if you want to move particular pieces (which is an inconvenience).

In the end, the decision is up to you, but if you want to have a set you can easily rearrange to your needs, then a detached bench set will be the better option. Additionally, detached benches tend to have better prices than attached ones, so you should keep that in mind too.