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Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Furniture

Your outdoor living area should look as good as the inside. It should also be furnished for comfort with great plastic, metal, or wood patio furniture.

The Bench Store has everything you need to optimize your backyard space, whether you aim to create a lounging area by the pool, dining space for the family on the deck, or just a relaxing sitting area with cozy patio furniture.

We have a wide variety of wood patio furniture in a reasonable price range, including dining sets, tables, and chairs. With our extensive collection of patio furniture and other wooden outdoor furniture sets, you can easily find the right furnishings for small spaces or bigger spaces.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about our patio furniture and other outdoor furniture.

Our patio furniture is made with various materials, such as teak wood, cedar wood, yellow pine wood, recycled plastic, and aluminum. We have wood patio furniture, chairs, and tables for small spaces and bigger areas.

Choosing from any of these materials depends on your style and preference. If you desire a more classic and vintage look for your patio furniture, wooden outdoor furniture is the way to go.

Cedar, teak, and yellow pine are among the best outdoor wood furniture to choose from. Teak wood is heavy and durable, cedar wood is versatile, and yellow wood is stiff and dense.

Patio furniture such as chairs, tables, and other patio furnishings made from these materials is a great choice for a sturdy, beautiful wooden outdoor furniture set.

Several types of wood are used for making tables, chairs, and other patio furniture. Most are hardwood, which is strong enough to make durable pieces. However, one of the strongest woods is teak. The teak tree lives up to 100 years, so it is the ideal wood for durable patio furniture.

This type of wood has long been a top choice by designers for furniture, boats, homes, and commercial properties. The high natural oil content makes it attractive and resistant to water, termites, and bacteria that cause rotting.

Teak is one of the best materials for wood patio furniture. The pieces made from it are aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

A dining set on your patio with enough chairs for high seating capacity is great for the family to enjoy the outdoors. You want it to last longer to create more memories.

Patio furniture is designed for the outdoors, so a dining set can be left outside during the winter. However, outdoor patio furniture can be damaged over time if constantly exposed to the elements. Durability depends on the type of material the patio furniture is made with, such as teak wood, plastic, or metal.

Wood (teak, cedar, yellow pine) patio furniture, chairs, or tables are more prone to damage from moisture. It helps to protect your wood patio furniture during the winter with an appropriate cover. Applying a sealant before covering or storing them also helps. Taking protective measures prolongs the life of your patio furniture, even weather-resistant ones.

Metal makes some of the best outdoor dining furniture sets. It’s a strong and functional material for patio furniture if you want an alternative to wooden patio furniture. This material is also malleable, meaning it can be shaped to form more versatile styles.

If you want an outdoor furniture set modern or traditionally designed, metal is excellent for contemporary looks. It can make unique chairs, tables, and benches for your yard. There are pieces to match any home or backyard aesthetic.

Metal patio furniture is among the most weather resistant. The best metal outdoor furniture is durable and can withstand the elements. While it makes strong patio furniture, there is a downside to using metal.

It’s susceptible to rust if not taken care of properly. Patio furniture made from metal, as opposed to wood, will withstand rain, snow, and other elements until it starts to corrode.

Metal is suitable material for the best outdoor furniture to buy, but other materials are also weather resistant. Resin wicker is another excellent material for outdoor use. If you’re not into the wooden or metal look for patio furniture, the woven material is a great option.

Wicker makes a gorgeous, durable dining set, chair, table, and other backyard and patio furniture that can withstand the elements for longer without damage.

PVC or plastic patio furniture is another weather-resistant material that makes great patio furniture. With the environment in mind, our brand uses recycled plastic for our outdoor furniture. Plastic is the most water-resistant material compared to wood and aluminum.

Saving money is always great, so consumers want to buy outdoor furniture set/sets that will last. Durability depends on the type of material used to make benches, tables, chairs, and other patio furniture. However, good patio furniture should last for years, whether they are made of wood, plastic, or aluminum.

Taking extra measures to protect your yard and patio furniture also increases longevity. Although the material of your patio furniture might be weather resistant, you can still use protective covering during periods the furniture is not in use, especially during winter.

Outdoor dining sets can transform your backyard or deck into the ideal family space. Among the best outdoor dining sets for those who want a classic look are any pieces from the Anderson teak collection. These sets can go well with a Yardistry Meridian gazebo.

Plastic dining sets are great for a deck or patio without a roof, as it is the most moisture-resistant material. If you want a set with a low seating capacity or higher accommodation, we’ve got you covered. There are a variety of dining sets to suit your needs.

The method for cleaning your patio furniture depends on the type of material they are made with. Wood and wicker only need soapy water and a sponge or soft brush to remove dirt. A toothbrush may be the best tool to clean the woven wicker material.

Using a power wash on wood patio furniture may go against the wood grain and damage the furniture. More tips for cleaning include regular cleaning of wicker and wood patio furniture to reduce build-up and cover furniture when not in use for a while. It's easy to maintain your chairs, tables, and other wood patio furniture.

Cleaning plastic and metal patio furniture is easy. Plastic can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. It’s best to use a non-abrasive. If the solution is too strong, it can scuff the surface of the plastic.

Metal can be wiped with soap and water. Of course, metal furniture is prone to rust. If you see any rusty areas, you can use steel wool to remove them and then repaint the spots to avoid future problems.