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FAQs about Patio Arbors

Sometimes called garden arbors, a patio arbor is a freestanding structure that's built primarily to frame a specific space in the landscaping. You can find many sizes available, and some might be attached to fences or gates. Others are flat-top options or have arches overhead. Many homeowners prefer to add lattice siding to the arbor to help climbing plants vine upward.

We don't think there is a difference between them! A pergola is a structure with a lattice-style roof and columns to support it. They cover large areas, including patios and outdoor seating areas. Generally, the roof grid offers partial shade, but you can find options that shut the lattices completely to create a closed roof to eliminate the rain and sun.

An arbor patio cover is quite similar to pergolas. They will incorporate the lattice design on the sides. Likewise, arbor patio covers have arched tops and are often smaller than pergolas. Therefore, they work well for the entrance to the backyard or garden and provide less shade. Still, they work well for visual interest along paths and walkways!

Arbor coverings for patios go beyond beauty; there are many practical benefits of them and pergolas, including:

  • Shade - When warm weather comes, you want to sit in the garden, drinking with friends. However, you must stay protected from the sun, and the best way to do that is by using shade arbors. Patio covers like pergolas and arbors offer flexibility. Simply adjust the shading of the lattice rafters.
  • Protection from Adverse Weather - Arbor coverings for patios can protect you from the rain and wind. Likewise, your outdoor furniture won't see as much weather damage. Though arbors and patios go together, the patio cover features a slatted roof. You can add weatherproof fabric to keep the rain at bay!
  • Supports Climbing Plants - Pergolas and patio covers can help your plants climb the walls. Ivy, wisteria, roses, honeysuckle, and more will work with an arbor. For patio lovers, you can't go wrong with a patio cover like this!
  • Boost Home Value - Wooden patio arbors can raise the selling price of the house. Experts estimate that pergolas, patio arbors, and gazebos can see an ROI (return on investment) of about 80 percent of the purchase price. Homebuyers truly want these things because they add style and relaxation to the outdoor space.
  • Creates the Entrance to the Garden or Yard - The patio cover you use can also be beneficial as an entrance point to the backyard or garden. A pergola or arbor adds character. Plus, you can bring in a gate for easy access!

Yes! The patio cover can have a swing; it all depends on the type you choose. Many of our products come with a swing, which is perfect in any area of the yard! Create the ideal setup in your backyard by checking out our products today!

In a sense, yes! If you choose a pergola with a swing, it will add more seating to your space. Guests can relax in the shade because of the patio cover, and they don't have to be cooped up in the house during nice weather.

We have many style options available at The Bench Store. Please browse our selection of patio cover products today!

Yes! When you have a patio with arbor, the space is covered. These structures can be moved around if necessary, but they are easy to mow or weed-eat around. Plus, you can adorn the lattice with flowers or other materials. In fact, many people love the idea of more shade in the backyard!

Yes! While you're on the arbor page, you can filter your results by price and brand. Likewise, the "sort by" section at the top will help you see new items, featured products, and more. Turn your walkway into something amazing and incorporate garden aspects all around your home!

No. If you purchase a pergola/arbor structure from us, assembly is required. However, it will be easy to put together, and we provide all the necessary instructions! You'll get all the materials needed and can then customize it to fit your patio decor.

When you order a pergola or arbor, it ships in a pre-assembled kit. However, the sides are usually set up for you. This makes it much easier!

The arbor or pergola is a freestanding structure, so it's generally not attached to the patio or home. Therefore, we provide four hurricane stakes to keep it on the ground and in an upright position.