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FAQs About Our Rolling Patio Cooler Products

A patio cooler and beverage cart help you store and place various drinks. If you're in charge of beverages at the outdoor gathering, you want something large with wheels that can easily be maneuvered. Some options feature a convenient shelf underneath the beverage patio cooler to store bottles and cups, as well as cap and bottle openers.

Do you need an outdoor cooler for patio areas? Fill it with ice and make yourself an easy drink station!

We realize that you are working hard to research the best patio cooler, and we have many options. If you're still not sure of the brand you need or have other questions, please read our FAQs below to get a better idea of what we offer.

The Trinity patio cooler is one of the most popular brand options on the market. You can find just about anything you want, including a stainless steel patio cooler or even something with a Foosball table on top for fun and games while drinking delicious beverages.

The cost of a patio cooler ranges in price. We often have deals available on our website, and you simply add what you like to the cart to see how much it will cost with tax and everything else.

A beverage cooler for patio areas comes in many styles and options. The type you add to the cart depends on many factors, such as:

  • Material/Color - A stainless patio cooler is excellent because it will keep the ice cold and match any decor. You can also find wood styles, rattan, and many others in stock. Plus, there could be amazing deals on our website. It's easy to locate the items you want without creating an account!
  • Price - A patio cooler ranges in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The one you add to your cart depends on the style and options you need.
  • Features - You can find a patio cooler with various features, such as extra storage for cups and tools, a special ice area that will keep drinks cold, and more. Often, people want a patio cooler with wheels because it's easily transportable.
  • Brand - The brand you choose matters and could affect the patio cooler you decide to get. For example, many people like Trinity because of its wheels, ice holder, and the ability to fit almost anywhere.

The Bench Store is here to provide you with all the products and options you need to find the right patio cooler for your backyard. Whether you require something small for ice or a full cart to create the best cocktails on the planet, we have it.

As a seller, we understand that you need something easy to use. You can quickly sort through the products available and add filters to make life easier. For example, search by brand before price to find a patio cooler made by Rio or Trinity.