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FAQs about Our Outdoor Front Yard Decor Products

If you're like most homeowners, you want your home to look its best, and that often means using coastal outdoor decor to add whimsy, style, and sophistication. Everyone loves to see windmills, lighthouses, and waterwheels. They can bring a touch of the coastal outdoor feeling to your home.

Though it's easy to browse our website for your favorite outdoor fall yard decorations, we realize that you may have questions about using the website. For example, how do you add things to the cart? Why is there a price range? We'll talk about all these things and more in our FAQs below to help you understand things a bit better!

Before you add coastal outdoor decor to your cart, it's important to browse through our selection of products and find something you absolutely love.

When you do find something, it's important to check the price. You'll go through the color and style options available on the website, select the quantity, and click "add to cart."

We recommend that you go through the many pictures available of the coastal outdoor decor before you add it to the cart. This will show you how it will look and even give you ideas for ways to set it up.

We want you to find the perfect coastal outdoor decor for your home and easily add it to your cart. Therefore, you may want to use the filters at the top or to the left of the page.

At the top, you can sort by various things, such as best sellers, price, and alphabetical order. To the side, you will see two filter options: price and brand. Click on the "plus" signs to see what choices you have.

On the coastal outdoor decor page, there's only one brand, but you may search by the minimum and maximum price you're willing to pay. Then, simply browse based on the choice you made and add what you like to the cart.

You will usually see a price range for our coastal outdoor decor items because the price goes up based on the stain or paint you choose. For example, if you pick a handcrafted waterwheel, you will be charged more if you select redwood, cedar, and other high-quality wood materials.

In some cases, the price goes up based on the height of the coastal outdoor decor you choose. For example, a 2-foot lighthouse will be less expensive than an 8-foot one. Likewise, the base will cost more, and the lighting is extra. If you want stationary lights, it's included in the price. However, if you wish for the beacon to revolve, it will be more.

Many times, we also offer dusk-to-dawn sensors for an additional cost. This will all make the price go up. If you say yes to everything and choose the most expensive option, you'll be at the higher price listed for the coastal outdoor decor items.

We don't sell planters directly as part of our coastal outdoor decor products, but there are ways that you can add your own to the mix. For example, if you choose a windmill, you may be able to hang plants directly from parts of the base.

Everyone likes coastal outdoor decor items, and garden statues are some of the most popular. We have many products suitable for all types of styles and needs. Here are some of the benefits of choosing outdoor beach decor for your home:

  • Add Uniqueness - You've probably driven through housing development projects and seen dozens of cookie-cutter houses. They want things to be similar, but then you're allowed to change things and make it your own. Coastal outdoor decor can help you do that.
  • Transform Your Life - Extending your living space to the outdoors gives you a new perspective on life. You can move away from the artificial sanctuary you've created inside to spend more time in nature. Overall, you could add garden statues and other coastal outdoor decor items to make a house a home.
  • Boost Creativity - When you add coastal outdoor decor to the outside of your home, you can pull yourself out of your creative rut. Updating the outside living space with garden statues and other accessories is an easy and quick way to do that. Plus, you don't have to replace or dig up plants!
  • Create Your Personal Sanctuary - Modern life can be quite stressful. Therefore, you can use coastal outdoor decor items around the home to create a sanctuary away from the bustle and noise of life. Depending on what you choose, you may also add privacy for a decent price.
  • Host Parties in Style - When you add coastal outdoor decor to the outside space, you'll create a more inviting entertainment area for your home. Summer barbecues and spring tea parties will be the highlight, and your backyard or front yard is the backdrop.
  • Can Be Budget-Friendly - Many of our outdoor decor items start at a low price. While you can add things to personalize it, you could keep things budget-friendly, regardless of what that means for you. Add something extra to your home with outdoor decor!
  • Add Interest in Winter - If you're in a location that gets cold and dreary during winter, you can use outdoor decor to add interest. The gardening season is full of color and vibrancy, but that will fade away with the snow. Decorations will add texture and splashes of different hues to remember the fun you had until the next summer.

Technically, we don't sell yard signs, but you can easily add your own to some of the coastal outdoor decor items we sell. For example, signs can be put on the waterwheels and the windmill with little effort.