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FAQs about a Hanging Patio Heater

Are you interested in an electric patio heater? Hanging varieties are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners for various reasons. We'll talk about this more in our FAQs and help you understand why you need ceiling heaters in your outdoor space. Let's dive in!

Patio heaters can be great for your outdoor space. Depending on the patio configuration, hanging ceiling heaters might be the right mounting option for your needs.

Hanging ceiling heaters are mounted to the ceiling of a garage, gazebo, beam on the patio, inside your tent, or under parasols and umbrellas. They radiate the heat from above, which helps people stay comfortable when outside in the colder months.

In most cases, these patio heaters are designed to look like traditional lamps you would use over a table. However, some will look like fans and can be folded down when not in use.

Many of these patio heaters use infrared technology and can warm whatever you aim them at.

You can't see infrared light, but you can feel the heat it offers. In a sense, an infrared heater creates heat that your clothing and skin absorb, which adds warmth instantly.

Overall, an infrared heater works like the sun but doesn't produce UV radiation. If you are under one, you'll feel the warmth because it's intense.

The good thing about outdoor heaters like these is that they're efficient compared to traditional options and gas heaters. They emit the rays from a halogen or another heating element, so they warm up quickly without putting heat out into the air around you.

The first step to take when choosing a patio heater is to determine what style you want. Mounted or hanging versions are excellent for small spaces when you can't use a freestanding or tabletop model.

Likewise, your patio heater will be efficient because you can use the electricity that already comes into your home! They produce zero emissions, so they're eco-friendly. However, they do need an outlet nearby and might have to be installed professionally.

The temperature listed on a patio heater is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). This represents the amount of thermal energy you require to heat a pound of water by one degree. Each of our patio heater products includes this information in the features or specification section.

Consider a heater with an automatic ignition. This will help you operate them, even if they're installed outside of your reach. Likewise, they use less energy; you only activate the heater when you need it!

It's important to understand the advantages of a patio heater. Hanging versions are ideal when you're performing stationary tasks or sitting around the table. Likewise, they are odor-free and silent, so they won't interrupt or disturb you. Here are a few more benefits of having a hanging electric patio heater outside:

  • Versatile - An electric hanging patio heater gives you control over where the radiant heat goes. They produce enjoyable and subtle heat that helps you socialize comfortably. However, you can also use the unit in a baby's room to keep them warm or put them in heating stables for young animals.
  • No Floor Space - Most people buy an electric patio heater because they mount to the ceiling and don't clutter up the floor space. You don't have to change the fuel or lug around bottles. Plus, the power cord is out of the way, so you won't trip on it!
  • Can Be Used Indoors - If you choose an electric heater, you can use them for your indoor spaces and outdoors. Purchase one for the balcony and another for the patio. Then, add one to your bedroom to stay nice and toasty.

The infrared heater often features an adjustable metal chain that hangs from a ceiling hook. You may also see a spring hook or Carabiner to make it easier to mount and unmount.

Generally, it's wise to install your infrared heater about 12 to 20 inches below a gazebo or awning. The metal chain must be at least 20 inches long for that to happen. Likewise, the patio heater should be about 6.5 to 10 feet from the ground for the most heat.

When you purchase an electric patio heater for sale from The Bench Store, we include helpful information about how to hang the product effectively and safely.

An infrared heater can be quite decorative, whether it's in the backyard or front yard. However, we recommend using them in areas that don't see a lot of wind.

You can take the chill off with an infrared heater, and it's wise to put them beside a light source. This adds convenience and can make it look cozier. Plus, you may want to add light fixtures and wooden ceilings to bring out the style of your patio heater!

In most cases, you can leave outdoor heaters hanging beneath a canopy or roof. However, some products can't be left out in the open. You will want to read the descriptions of our products carefully to know how to maintain them.

Likewise, they are electric, so the infrared heater can be used in an indoor space or on the balcony. Maintain the perfect temperature and get protection from the cold with a simple patio heater!

An infrared heater is definitely worth the investment! You're not taking up valuable space outdoors and don't have to deal with the mess that firepits require. Plus, you're in control of the temperature and can have a more cozy atmosphere with warmth anytime you need it.

Yes! A patio heater is an effective way to warm up the outdoor areas around your home. They use radiant heat and work well on porches patios, terraces, balconies, decks, and in gardens.